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Step 01

On the homepage, you will find an input bar labeled "Enter your link here". Paste the URL you wish to shorten into this input bar, ensuring the link is complete and valid to prevent any errors. Click the "Cut" button next to the input bar, and in moments, will generate a shortened version of your link.

Step 02

Once your shortened link is created, it will be displayed on the screen. Simply copy your new short link to your clipboard. You are now ready to share this link with friends, family, or colleagues. Simply paste it into messages, emails, social media, or anywhere else you wish to share the link more compactly and efficiently.

Step 03 also offers the ability to follow the metrics of your shortened links, such as views and clicks. To access these metrics, simply shoot us an email. It's important to note that links without views will be automatically deleted from our system to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.